Are you selling an apartment and would like to have complete documentation?

Are you selling an apartment and would like to have complete documentation?
When buying apartments, buyers usually check the extract from the Land Register or the Book of Deposited Contracts. However, each apartment has its own history, and the extract from the Land Register or the Book of Deposited Contracts is only one of a number of documents related to the apartment.

Apartments are parts of a smaller or larger building, and that building was built on the basis of certain documentation. This means that the building should, among other things, have a Master Project, a Building Permit and an Operating Permit.

The main project contains the technical documentation on the basis of which the building was built. A building permit is a permit with which the competent authority has allowed the construction of your building based on the Master Plan, while the Operating Permit is a document that confirms after the building has been built that it was built in accordance with the Master Plan and the Building Permit, and that it is ready for use.

So, for example, the Main Project will interest the buyer to check the position of installations in the apartment, load-bearing structures, built-in materials and much more. The building permit will tell the buyer that the main project was made in accordance with the law and meets all the prescribed parameters, while the buyer will need an occupancy permit in the event that a person buys real estate through a loan, because certain banks, and certainly APN, when approving credit for the purchase of real estate, require that a building permit be issued for the property.

Therefore, all of the above should be collected in order to be sure that you are offering an apartment on the market with all the necessary documentation.

Construction documentation can usually be found in the archive or letterbox of the competent office for construction.

In smaller cities and towns, this is usually in the municipality, headship, or in the same place where all other administrative departments are located. On the other hand, Zagreb has several locations that overlap in jurisdiction. They are located in the former municipalities, and the current regional offices: Centar, Črnomerec, Dubrava, Susedgrad, Medveščak, Maksimir, Trnje, Pešćenica, Novi Zagreb, Trešnjevka, Sesvete, the central office or the State Archives.

Do you know that for some properties it is possible for construction documents to be located in two or three offices, depending on the year of construction? Or that the Building Permit with the Main Project is in one office, the modification of the Building Permit is in another office, and the Operating Permit is in the third office?

When you start looking for apartment documentation, arm yourself with patience. It will probably take you several weeks, or even months.

And what if the Operating Permit was not issued at all?

And now imagine the situation:

You found a buyer, agreed on a price, and then found out that you don't have complete documentation. At best, it will take you a few months to collect it.

What will the customer do? It is possible that he can afford to wait a few months to buy a property, but it is very likely that he will find another property and yours will remain on the market for a long time.

Collecting and organizing documentation is the beginning of the real estate sale process. Otherwise, when you find a buyer, despite the wishes of the buyer and the seller, incomplete documentation can become an obstacle to the successful sale of the property.

That's why you contact us, so that you are not "looking for a needle in a haystack" at "five to twelve" and so that we can collect all the necessary documentation for you in time and prepare the property for sale.